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Re: [IP] spring board and platform diving

At 02:35 PM 11/25/01 -03-30, you wrote:
 >I was just wondering if anyone on the list was a spring board or platform
 >diver or knows someone who is that is on an insulin pump. I am interested in
 >getting an insulin pump however I do a great deal of diving I am wondering
 >if it is possible to wear an infusion set while diving. I want to know if
 >anyone has been able to get their set to hold up to the force of hitting the

Hi Sarah,

Which platforms are you diving off of?  I know that height makes a big 
difference in the impact when you hit the water.  My roommate in college 
dove off the 1 and 3 meter platforms competitively and he thinks that the 
force of entry might present a problem for an infusion set, though he's 
never worn one, only heard about them from me.  My suggestion would be to 
try a couple of dives and see what happens.

You'll probably get the least resistance from a silhouette/tender type set 
that lies pretty close to the skin and has no tail.  I wouldn't want to try 
diving with a sofset.

If the set doesn't stick, try using some of the skin preparation and tape 
ideas we have on our website.  You can find them in our FAQs section at 

See especially:

Tips about Infusion Sets, Tape and other Sticky Things Tips to help you get 
it off, make it stay on, and clean off the goo

Tape Tips Good article prepared by MiniMed with helpful infusion site tips

Good luck on the diving,

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