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[IP] IP: Wedding and honeymoon wrap up

HI all.... just returned from my honeymoon (the wedding type not the diabetic 
type lol) and wanted to post a few thoughts/observations etc on the whole 
wedding and honeymoon experience on the pump....

I wore my pump in my pantyhose without the clip sort of in the  crease of my 
leg like i often do for evening affairs, I bolussed with the vibrate audio 
feature like I usually do and everything went great.... pump was totally 
invisible and sugars were perfect all night long.... at some points in the 
evening rather than fish for the pump and set an alternate basal I just didnt 
bolus for a half glass of grapefruit juice when I was dancing alot.... and of 
course having a hard time finding time to actually eat... so grapefruit juice 
was my meal of choice throughout the evening.

For the honeymoon, I got all prepared, had prescriptions and extras of 
everything including pump since we were cruising in the carribean and had 
labels affixed to syringes and glucagon etc. as advised.... and guess 
what.... no one even looked at a thing.  on the trip  down, i went right on 
through without even a pat down and on the way back we got flagged to have an 
open bag search, but they only opened the outside compartments where the lead 
bag for film was.... never asked if i had a sharp item etc ... nada.    Just 
thought I'd mention it since I went to so much trouble getting ready for this 
trip and didn't end up needing any of it.  Of course it was all good to have, 
but its not something they are being very watchful about.

And lastly... I used the waterproof pump holder that minimed sells (my 2nd 
time using it) and it worked great... in the pools on deck i didnt bother  
strapping it to my waist since i was just floating on my back, I let the pump 
 float along next to me.  We went snorkeling 3 times and the case and belt it 
comes with were awesome.... 

Hope everyone is well

Sharon Pennock (used to be Glusman hee hee)
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