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Re: [IP] How thick is Blood when sugars are high?

In a message dated 11/25/01 4:40:47 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I don't know if your blood gets thicker when BG is higher, but my blood is 
> always a much darker red when my blood sugars are high and lighter red the 
> lower my blood sugar is.
> Sue (dalgal)

    my mother went by the color as well.   i would do a test and she would 
almost be able to tell without the monitor.  it was uncanny. 

    just a note regarding spouses/family members and food.  It's important 
that the other members of the family don't feel that they are always blowing 
it.  They try so hard and sometimes the dissappointment can be pretty brutal. 
  it's frightening and difficult for some spouses to grasp not just the 
ongoing maintenance but the possiblity of some pretty devastating 
complications.  I for one, had a spouse that couldn't take it,  and he's 
gone..  and good riddance.  It's always important to remember they aren't 
offering us foods that are bad for us, but to share. 

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