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Re:[IP] spring board and platform diving

Sarah wanted to know: 
 if anyone has been able to get their set to hold up to the force of hitting 
Cory did a lot of swimming and diving this past summer.  He uses sils and at 
first he had problems with them coming loose.  Then we started putting 
Tegaderm patches on first and inserting the sils through them.  Sometimes, we 
also used Tegaderm patches on the top thus making a sandwhich effect.  With 
this he was able to spend hours in the pool and did a lot of diving.  He 
always disconnected his pump.  We found it helpful to eat about 30 minutes 
before swimming and to reduce the basal about 30 - 45 minutes before.  This 
bolus seemed to hold him over for awhile.  We would test his b/s several 
times and if he was getting a little high, we just connected long enough to 
do a correction bolus.  This way he never had to worry about keeping the pump 
dry or having the frustration of dealing with it while he was 
Hope this information is helpful.
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