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Re: [IP] How thick is Blood when sugars are high?

I don't know if your blood gets thicker when BG is higher, but my blood is 
always a much darker red when my blood sugars are high and lighter red the 
lower my blood sugar is.

Sue (dalgal)

email @ redacted

>Subject: [IP] How thick is Blood when sugars are high?
>Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:38:42 -0400
>A few weeks ago I saw a CDE on t.v. demonstrating how the blood thickens 
>the blood sugar is high.  I tell you, it was pretty scary!
>She had two flasks, one with normal sugar blood in it, and one with blood
>sugar in the 200+ range.  The blood in the 200+ range was THICK!  I know 
>was trying to prove a point, but was she overdoing it?

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