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[IP] re: thyroid tests and meds

just thought i'd add in my 2 cents..
i've been hypothyroid since i was 14.  i was on synthyroid  175 for many
years. then, i guess when the d started, i had an autoimmune responce and my
immunce system completely removed my thyroid. i have no thyroid tissue left,
so i'm completley dependant on meds. my lab ranges from normal to 458 at one
point. even though i felt "fine' with a tsh of 458, every body is different.
yes, 'normal' is .5 -5.5.  i have a friend who feels horrible on anything
over 6, and i can't tell unless i'm over 150. if you still feel bad i would
strongly suggest you ask your doc about your t3 levels. synthyroid only
replaces t4 in your body. but to make t4, your body has to convert t3 to t4
(any of you docs-spot- can jump in here and explain this better). anyway,
some people have conversion problems so even if your tsh is "normal", you
may feel like crap all the time. you said you had a full pannel run- did
they explain to you the other numbers? i started taking cytomel (a t3
replacement)  and it's helped alot with my energy levels. you may also want
to check your anitbody levels. there's something called a "thyroid storm'
where your body is going crazy and you will feel bad. so vitiamins alone may
not help.
sorry i can't be more technically accurate. i've been dealing with learning
things like a1c and haven't really been as on top of my thyroid levels as i
used to be...;)

good luck!
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