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[IP] re:being realistic..?

hi all!
i just really really really wanted to thank all of you for your responses!
we had a good thanksgiving and i even ate two slices of cheesecake and
actually bolused right for them!:) i may have not gone to eat with others,
but we still got to bring joy to the residents in the nursing home with our
dogs. then a few of my friends and i went shopping yesterday. ;)
i'm so glad to know that, at least when it comes to managing all this, that
i'm not unusually slow. i'm also so glad to know that it's not typical to
have this all down pat the first year.
i really must say though, i think there's a big difference in frustration
and feeling sorry for yourself.  those who say "get a grip" are either not
really acknowledging how they feel or aren't letting themselves feel it. OF
COURSE i'm grateful for 26 years being non-diabetic! however, whether you're
diagnosed at 3, 13, or 26, right now, in the moment, it's frustrating! i
don't believe anyone who says otherwise. i think however people feel,
whether they're diagnosed with a cold, cancer or diabetes, telling them to
get a grip does nothing to help heal anyone. it's scary to think others have
pain, because that means we might too, and not acknowledging that pain in
others is a great way to shield ourselves from the uncertainties in us.
when my mother was diagnosed with cancer, she got the same range of
responces i got when i told everyone i had diabetes. the ones that hurt her
the most were when people talked about the great advances in cancer
treatment, and the great recovery rates for people with her type- how she
had "nothing to worry about". they didn't see all she needed was someone to
tell her "it's ok to be afraid. it's ok to be whatever you feel right here
and right now, since that's all we really have." luckily, 5 years later,
she's doing quite well.
the analogy i use is let's say you have a car. any old car. you've had this
car for 10 years. well, one day it breaks down and won't run anymore.
feeling frustrated is venting to your friends " i can't do the things i used
to do! my car broke! i guess i'll have to find a different way".  feeling
sorry for yourself is sitting in that old car, just weeping because you
don't have that particular car anymore.
my vent was me being frustrated because i felt like i wasn't finding a good
new way to eat as soon as everyone else did. (well, in my head). :)
and as for why everyone feels they need to know....? well, i happen to be
friends with lots of computer/math/engineer type people. my father, my
friends, all my coworkers, etc... just as i did, they all are convinced that
if we could plot every variable, that diabetes management would be much
better. so they ask for numbers and carbs and look for trends and do their
little calculations.....hehehe... i told them if they every come up with
some formula for making all this easier that there's about 3,000 friends i
have who would love to try it out! lol!

thanks again and i hope you all had a good weekend!!
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