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RE: [IP] Re: Thyroid tests and meds

Thyroid response:
I have been on thyroid med's for 20 years (I'm 31...oooh). I am super
sensitive to the medication, I was on 150mcg for over 15 years then all of a
sudden it was too strong, now I'm on 50mcg and doing o.k. I tend to run a
little higher than what they would like but still acceptable. When my
thyroid is hyperactive I get palpitations, rapid heart rate (120-180 beats
per min.) and I pass out lots. So far on the reduced dose I have been fine
(1 1/2 years). The thyroid problems do cause extreme fatigue, can't escape
that. The diabetes adds to it. I was taking a B-complex vitamin but I
stopped ( it did make me feel better - less mood swings). I figure I'll just
live with the tiredness.
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