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Re: [IP] tender infusion sets

>You can order the Comforts from Animas (same thing, I think, as the Tenders)
>and order "5 and 5s" .... which provides 5 complete sets and 5 without the
>tubing.  I wonder if you can ado the same with the tenders... or j ust call

The Tender II's from Disetronic are 10 complete sets and 10 without the 
tubing, 20 sets in all.  A Disetronic rep once told me that the Tender II's 
were originally designed for new pumpers who tended to need spare sets 
while learning to change them out.  Other sets such as the QuickSets and 
the UltraFlex (at least at this time, I've heard that they are considering 
an arrangement with the UltraFlex similar to the Tender IIs) come only with 
tubing in each set package.  From what I understand, it is recommended to 
change the tubing with each set change to prevent clogging and such, but we 
all know that most of us reuse the tubing until we change our 
cartridges/reservoirs.  I think that the original poster was doing more 
than 2 site changes per cartridge/reservoir so that even with the Tender 
II's or Comfort 5, 5s arrangement she was still ending up with unused tubing.

RoseLea, who has lots of unused tubing from the QuickSets
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