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[IP] Re: post-meal spikes


<From: catherine popper <email @ redacted>
<Subject: [IP post-meal spikes

<I've been having such a hard time with my post meal
<BGs. What should I do?


After wearing the MM Continuous glucose sensor for four days, it showed that
my post breakfast bg (at two hours) was way over 200 yet more insulin made
me crash at four hours .  My endo had me change one thing: increase the
fiber at breakfast to slow down the absorption of glucose..  I had the
choice to double the amount of oatmeal I ate or add powdered fiber to the
half cup I ate.   I chose to double the amount and it worked smoothing the
curve out despite the fact that I also increased the amount of honey I use.
I bolusd for all those carbs according to my usual 1:15 ratio.

My endo also told me that I need to play around with using soluble fiber to
avoid post meal hikes ie when I eat bread as in a sandwich.  I had tried
using a bit more fat and protein to slow down the absorption, but then I
low only to spike up hours later.  So back to the fiber experiment....The
fiber sample he gave me is called Fiber Supreme and has "The Diabetic Fiber"
on the label.  It is a blend of oats, corn,soy, apple Fibers and Gums to
prevent gas and bloating.  I am still experimenting with it before I buy it

Denise Guerin
Type 1 47 years
Minimed 507 3years
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