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Re: [IP] Animas vs. MiniMed

Deanna =
        I just ordered my pump. Like you, I was almost swayed by the free upgrade
offer until I read a bunch of the posts in this forum. Unfortunately, it seems
that the Paradigm sacrifices significant reservoir volume to reduce the size. The
Paradigm only holds 1/2 as much insulin as the other three major pumps. I use a
large quantity of insulin and would be refilling daily. Eventually they hope to
have special insulin available which is stronger than U-100. Not in the near
future though :-(
    Also, to make the Paradigm waterproof requires a special type of infusion
set. If you use a regular set the pump is not waterproof. These deficiencies were
confirmed, after a significant amount of hemming and hawing, by the Medtronics
(Mini-Med) rep I spoke with on the phone. I am waiting delivery of my Animas - It
wasn't even close in my mind.


email @ redacted wrote:

> Pumpers,
> I am in the process of deciding which pump to get and have narrowed the
> decision down to a choice between Animas and MiniMed. ... <buncha good stuff
> snipped>

    I would appreciate pumpers sharing their experiences with technical

> performance and customer service with regard to Minimed and Animas.
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