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Re: [IP] Anyone having problems getting a job because of your 'condition'?


I haven't had any problems getting hired in part because I do not disclose 
that I have diabetes.  In your case you probably have to disclose it.  I 
would have my endo write a very detailed letter stating 1) testing routine  
2) bg ranges      3) how to treat a low and a high including timing of 
food/insulin      4) any time schedule which you and the endo think is 
necessary for eating        5) a statement that "should" your infusion set or 
pump become disconnected while struggling with someone that you will be fine 
for "X" number of hours until you need to change your site and reconnect to 
your pump 6) flexibility regarding food and work schedules because of the 
pump.  (you can eat or work at any time now)

Remember too that the pump doesn't need to be worn clipped to your waistband 
where you could be prone to having someone rip it off--- wear it under your 
clothes or in a sport pack.

You will most likely be under much scrutiny, but I don't think anyone would 
want someone yielding a loaded gun to be having a low........LOL

Good luck--- be persistent~
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