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[IP] Anyone having problems getting a job because of your 'condition'?

       I am in the final stages of a hiring process with a local police 
department.  I know many people have a problem with a diabetic becoming a 
policeman but I cant help it, it's my dream.
       I was originally dxd three years ago as a TII and was able to control 
things for a time first through diet and exercise, then gradually more and 
more oral meds until this Sept. when I went on Humalog and Lantus.  I had one 
job fall thru when I was originally dxd but it was unrelated to my condition 
(doc said it was none of their business, wish I could find him now)(I think 
it was my horrible criminal past...lol).                                      
Anywho, I went to school this summer and had a job lined up and got my 
initial (conditional) offer, at which time I informed the captain of my 
condition.  Although my physical went well (the doctor just wanted my endo to 
sign off saying I would take certain precautions to protect against hypo 
events), I was turned down for 'a series of circumstances that added up a 
negative hiring outlook'.  No matter that half the force knew me and I had 
references from everyone but the pope (even the guy who used to do the hiring 
for the department was a reference).  
       Two weeks later another department that I had done application work 
with called and once again I received a conditional offer.  On the day of my 
physical I prepared my reports showing the control I have attained since 
going on insulin and walked confidently into the exam.  A nurse-practioner 
(oh-oh) came in and almost immediately said she would put a restriction on me 
that I could not work rotating shifts (kiss of death for this kind of job, 
especially to start out), I protested to the point she said if my endo would 
send her a letter saying I could handle it she would change it.  I also told 
her I had received a pump and was planning on going on it as soon as the doc 
would allow.
       She brought her results to the chief, who predictably told her if I 
cant rotate, I cant work there.  To make matters worse, she told him about 
the pump and asked him what would happen if the pump got pulled out in a 
fight.  Thanks for the help.
       So now we are to the point of finding out what accomodations need to 
be made to get me hired and if the dept. can handle it.  To their credit, 
they are aware of the ADA and seem willing to make some changes if they need 
to be made.
       Is it this difficult for any job?  I feel if I dont get in here, I 
probably wont have a shot anywhere else since I will have the same difficulty 
all over.  Any suggestions?
Please feel free to e-mail answers to either the pumper website or my own 
email @ redacted  -you can guess where I used to work, cant you???

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