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Re: [IP] Sil-serter/seizures

     My son Colby, 8, has had thisn happen too, but his sugar has not always 
been this low.  He has had MRI, MRA, EEG, and CAT scans.  His endo doens't 
seem to think it is realted to bgs, and he has seen a pedi neurologist.  The 
neuro says there is seizure activity in the left cerebrial. He has always had 
the seizures while asleep and woke up kinda out of it and limp on one side of 
his body, usually the right.  He is now taking seizure meds, Keppra, and 
hasn't had a seizure since Feb.  
     I hope that your sons is just a one time thing, but if it happens again 
please consider seeing a pedi neuro.
          Colby's mom, dxd10/98 pumping 6/01
           and Matt, colbys big brother
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