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Re: [IP] being realistic....???

I'm so sorry that I was out of town from Tuesday until today and didn't get 
to read your post until after Thanksgiving. Your experiences with your family 
sound horrific. I've never had it quite that bad. Although this Thanksgiving 
I had to field yet another suggestion from my know-it-all Bohemian vegetarian 
brother-in-law that I substitute honey for sugar in order to solve my 
problems. EEK!
I think all of the responses to your post have been extremely helpful and 
hope you will heed the advice. Your disease and your BGs are your business 
until you decide they should be discussed with others. There is such a fine 
line between support and nagging. I would encourage you to help your family 
to understand the difference, if that's possible. A while back someone posted 
an article from an Australian publication about ignorance and diabetes. I 
forwarded it to all of my family and friends. I think it helped. I got 
several responses to that effect anyway.
Diabetics have to learn to be more assertive with communication and their own 
health. My husband and I share Thanksgiving plus two or three extra days with 
his mother, eight siblings, their families and friends in the same house and 
it's chaos every year. It's such a challenge to be an individual in that 
environment but I've learned to be vigilant and break off from the group 
eating schedule, which is basically snacking from morning till night with no 
real meals. After six years of this, this year was the first that I've 
managed good control. I'm looking forward to being on the pump and having 
more flexibility. I hope you can learn to take full advantage of your pump in 
this way. 
I think your Thanksgiving plans sounded wonderful. But if you would like to 
attend any dinners or parties, I think you should and learn to face the 
disease as well as family and friends head on. I know it's hard, but it's all 
you can do.
dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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