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[IP] Animas vs. MiniMed

I am in the process of deciding which pump to get and have narrowed the 
decision down to a choice between Animas and MiniMed. I was heavily leaning 
in the direction of Animas until I learned from the MiniMed sales rep about 
the new Paradigm due out next quarter. Anyone who purchases a MiniMed 508 
will be able to trade it in for a Paradigm in April or May. The Paradigm will 
be almost a third smaller, waterproof to 8 feet for 30 minutes and more 
similar to the Animas menu screen. It will also have the remote capability, 
which is a tie-breaker of sorts in my mind.
If I made my decision based on features, I would choose Minimed. However, 
during the sales rep's presentation there were problems with the remote that 
raised questions in my mind about the workmanship and reliability of the 
product. I am also concerned about the service from such a large company in 
which the employees seem to be stretched pretty thin and less responsive. The 
two other companies returned calls within 24 hours and met with me within 2 
days. I had to leave two messages over 3 days before getting a call back from 
MiniMed and waited another 3 days before having a meeting.
I would appreciate pumpers sharing their experiences with technical 
performance and customer service with regard to Minimed and Animas.
Thanks much,
dxed IDDM 9/92, hopefully pumping soon
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