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[IP] Re: 2 Questions... B-12 and Thryoid....

 > Vitamins DO NOT make a person more energetic. The 'claims' that
 > manufacturers put on the vitamin labels are NOT regulated by the FDA so 
 > can essentially say what they want.

This is true, of course.  In my own experience B12 does help, and does have 
an effect.  Doctors will often give a shot of B12, which is more 
effective.  In '82, when I was suffering from some depression, it was 
recommended that I exercise and take B12.  I felt much better, but 
complained that I could not get to sleep.  I was taking the B12 near bed 
time, which was funny to my therapist.  I then only took it in the morning, 
slept fine and was more alert during the day.  There is no doubt that it 
did make me more alert and my expectations were that it would not work.  I 
now believe that many of us are deficient in many things, including 
vitamins and this is definitely a YMMV.  With todays diet, including mostly 
processed foods, it is easy to see that we are not eating as our 
forefathers, and foremothers(?), did.  There are beginning to be many 
studies on the effectiveness of vitamin supplementation that are showing 
some relationships.  E and selenium is showing a help in prostate cancer, 
and they are also being shown to be helpful in neuropath care.  Try 100mg 
of B12 before bedtime and see if it has an effect.

A thyroid problem should be considered first.  That is one of the (many) 
symptoms that my ex had when she stopped taking her synthroid.

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