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[IP] Hysterectomy effect on blood sugars?

To my female friends, medical personnel, and the partners of my female 
friends (I cannot deny that you also have wonderful insight),

Just a quick question for my pumping friends.  Please e-mail me your answers 
directly at email @ redacted  I am having a tough time making up my mind 
about this and due to the sensitive nature, I do not really want a new 
"thread" on this subject.  Your help and compassion is always appreciated!

I have just in the last two to three years documented that my insulin 
requirements change (basals and boluses) based upon if I am in my follicular 
or leuteal stage of my cycle.  Just as I get comfortable with this, I start 
having dramatic changes in my cycles.  Thinking it was an ovarian cyst, for 
which I have on numerous occasions taken a shot or oral progesterone to get 
me back in sync, I went to the OB/GYN.  Since I am only 42 the suggestion 
that I have a complete abdominal hysterectomy has really set me back!  I am 
in the stage of taking the sonogram report to another OB/GYN for a second 

My questions are:
    How long will I be hospitalized?
    After the initial shake out period (I am estimating maybe three months) 
of adjusting the post surgical hormone therapy, could this actually make my 
blood sugar control easier for me?

I guess in my own weird way, I am trying to find some good out of all of this.

Oh by the way, I DO trust my doctors, it is just the weekend and I would like 
some personal insight to satisfy my heart and mind.

Thanks to all who respect my wish to NOT make this a thread and to respond to 
me directly!

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