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Re: [IP] feeling down

Hi Sarah,

Hang in there your not alone, everyone is different on how much insulin we 
all take.  I have changed through the years I have been a diabetic and some 
of the bad times I've been through.  When I go through some stressful times 
my sugars are different so I do have to change my insulin intake.  I go 
through periods where I am very down and have a very hard time getting out of 
bed to save my life even caring to take my insulin but knowing you have to 
keeps you going.  Your are a strong women don't let things like how much 
insulin you take bother you.  Your strong that says more than you will ever 
know....In the long run push yourself keep smiling keep going you have a 
positive attitude if you can say your strong to yourself that is great in 
itself!!!!!  Hope you had a Great Thanksgiving!!!! Keep your chin up and 
don't let the little things get to you were all in the same boat... we all 
have an oar.

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