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RE: [IP] First Thanksgiving

To start, I manage 2 restaurants and I cooked all the birds, potatoes and 
the rest of the goodies for a great feast, and we catered 2 huge parties 
with over 400 guests total, plus my own family dinner.  Those 150 carbs were 
spread out in about 4 hours.  I ate all the normal goodies offered with 
Thanksgiving, but I did allow myself to finish it all off with a piece of 
pecan pie.

I started out munching on veggies and dips and gave myself a 10 unit square 
wave bolus spread across 3 hours, then gave myself little boluses with the 
little plates I was eating in between entertaining guests at the parties.  
It was pretty much guess work, but I guess I managed the carbs pretty good, 
plus all the exercise I got running around from the kitchens and stuff 
worked me out.

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