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[IP] Re: Site Problems


I, too, have been having problems.  I have been pumping 1 1/2 years in
early December.  I was using Tenders at the start and switched to Ultras
about April 2001.  No problem at all.  In the past two months I have
started having strange things happen.

I change a set in the morning. I am normal (bg) when I change, when I
test two hours later I am 500+.  I check the line, it is fine.  I start
to bolus and in a couple of hours I am fine again.  Sometimes I sink too
low by mid-afternoon.  I, too, count carbs.  I bolus enough to cover the
high, but yet I am almost always low by mid-afternoon.  Today for
example, I woke up at 87. Perfect!  That was 7:15 and at 8:15 I changed
my set.  Breakfast was 1/2 banana and 1/2 museli w/milk.  I tested again
at 10am and I was 535.  I started bolusing and by lunch (1pm) I was 124.

It does not appear to be a site problem.  I have tried changing them and
not noticed any improvement.  My schedule has changed to changing the
site the first thing when I get up, and not eating breakfast until I
have changed (I used to change after I ate).

My endo's office and the pump trainer gave me a couple of suggestions,
but they did not pan out.

I changed to the Ultraflex because they seemed to be easier to use.  I
have not gone back to the Tenders and no one has suggested this.  Why
would they work fine for months and suddenly stop working?  Does not
make sense.  All I know is that unexplained highs make me a little
nuts!  If I can explain it, I can deal with it.

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