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RE: [IP] feeling down

Don't panic, some people's systems just don't respond to insulin in the same
way as others do. All that matters is that your glucose controls are good
and you feel good.
There are several insulins on the market, I dropped my dose quite a bit when
I switched to Humalog, I also dropped my dose by increasing my activity and
reducing the amount of fat and sugar in my diet. I know that we all hear
this every day, but I increased my vegie intake by about three times. I feel
better too.
Keep in touch and don't worry about your dose, a friend of mine is on 130
units a day and has been for over a decade and a half and she has no
problems. As you get older, they told me that your dose may (and I repeat
'may' need to go up, mine has gone down) but they said that is fine, it just
depends on what 'your body' needs. Take it easy and smile, Tam

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Hello everyone,
   I don't know if I am just having a couple bad days because I am in the
middle of university finals or what, but I am really feeling down right
now and could use some encouraging support.
    Lately in people's posts I have noticed a lot of people saying that
they use about 35-50 u/day of insulin, and I became a little coincerned
about the amount of insulin I am using, 80-90 u/day. So I looked at the
"All about insulin pumpers" graphs on the IP web page and was distraught
to see how extreme my doses are. There are maybe 2% of the people who take
similar amounts of insulin as I do. So I started to panic... I am only 21
and have been diabetic for 8 years and I use that much already!!! What I
am going to be like when I am 30?? Now a million worries are running
through my head like I must be much more "brittle" than everyone else so I
am sure that a whole bunch of horrible complications are going to hit me
soon... and I guess I am just really scared!
   Usually I am better able to deal with the psychological part of our
condition, but sometimes it takes stupid little things like reading that
graph to really upset me...  I am not really sure of the point that I was
trying to make in this post either. I guess it just helps me to type these
feelings out, get them of my chest, and believe that they are being read
by people who have been there.
   I am usually a very strong and independent young woman but I guess we
all have our weak days and need a litle support.

Thanks for listening...
Sarah Arnal

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
And dance like no one is watching.

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