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[IP] re: feeling down

    I just thought I would tell you that I am on the same amount of Humalog. I
also take 30 mg of Actos and 2 shots daily of 15 units of NPH. So you are not
alone in the struggle with large amounts of insulin.
    Are you on a diabetes pill besides the insulin? You might be slightly
insulin resistant, and a pill could help that.
    Everyone needs to have support. if it weren't for family and friends, I am
sure most of us would end up going crazy!
    Take care hun, and keep those spirits up. :-)

Love, Cherry

 >   Lately in people's posts I have noticed a lot of people saying that
>they use about 35-50 u/day of insulin, and I became a little coincerned
>about the amount of insulin I am using, 80-90 u/day. So I looked at the
>"All about insulin pumpers" graphs on the IP web page and was distraught
>to see how extreme my doses are. There are maybe 2% of the people who take
>similar amounts of insulin as I do. So I started to panic... I am only 21
>and have been diabetic for 8 years and I use that much already!!! What I
>am going to be like when I am 30?? Now a million worries are running
>through my head like I must be much more "brittle" than everyone else so I
>am sure that a whole bunch of horrible complications are going to hit me
>soon... and I guess I am just really scared!
>   I am usually a very strong and independent young woman but I guess we
>all have our weak days and need a litle support.
>Thanks for listening...
>Sarah Arnal
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