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[IP] Not fitting the insulin-use mold - & - higher ins. costs

>     Lately in people's posts I have noticed a lot of people saying that
> they use about 35-50 u/day of insulin, and I became a little coincerned
> about the amount of insulin I am using, 80-90 u/day. So I looked at the
> "All about insulin pumpers" graphs on the IP web page and was distraught
> to see how extreme my doses are. There are maybe 2% of the people who take
> similar amounts of insulin as I do. So I started to panic... I am only 21
> and have been diabetic for 8 years and I use that much already!!! What I
> am going to be like when I am 30??
> Sarah Arnal


This is like comparing a child with all the others - when all the others are
also individuals who progress, develop, and grow at different rates. I hope
you realize that seeing 2% of the people who use the same amount of insulin
as you, means you aren't the ONLY one. <s>  DM definitely is a YMMV (Your
Mileage May Vary) situation. Each year they graph a composite Miss America -
and none of the 51 contestants fits the mold. My TDD is about 30u - but
that's because my kidneys are failing and the insulin doesn't get peed out -
staying in and lowering my BGs. I'd rather have good kidneys and require
more insulin. We have an IPer who is Type *Weird* which doesn't fit any mold
of others. I suppose Michael could also make a graph of
height/weight/age/duration of DM and we'd see variations of that too. Just
remember, dear, if you need what you need to control your DM, don't stress
about it and cause higher BGs as a result. (~_^)

Jan & Bluda Sue


> Subject: [IP] insurance costs rising
> The agency I work with has informed us of the increased co-pay for
>  and other medical devices like my insulin pump supplies and testing
>  supplies. For medicine, we were told to go generic or order a three month
>  supply through Merck medco. I recently received a bill from minimed for
>  for my copay, when they used to write off the remaining amount. We have
>  pay a portion of our insurance plus pay more copays which just infuriates
>  me.
>  The high costs of insurance is being blamed on this 9/11 terrorist attack
>  and the costs of prescription drugs. <snip> Sharon >>

My hugsband's employer contracted a new ins. co. 8/1/01 - far before 9/11.
We have a $500 deductible for in-network, and $3,000 out of network. Since
we didn't have that before, it has to be met this year. I had surgery 10/23
and we have to pay both deductibles plus 10% and 30%. Our prescription costs
(through Merck-Medco now) seem to be much easier on our pocketbook. I have
been happy with their delivery of ice-pack insulin and Procrit. This doesn't
quite balance out, however, with the deductibles.

Jan (62 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)
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