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Re: [IP] Quicksets and No Delivery Alarm

--- Yvonne Nicolas <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Happy Thanksgiving to all.
> A while back, I posted that I had tried the QSets
> and my daughter had like 
> them. We have used them 3 times, and 2 times have
> had a no delivery alarm on 
> her pump and her sugars have skyrocketed to the
> upper 300's range. What can 
> I be doing wrong? 
I had the same problem with the Quicksets AND the
softsets AND any other teflon cannula I tried  to use.
Even if they didn't look bent, I would get a "no
delivery" alarm or my BGs would shoot to 400. I find
that the metal needle sets (bent neeedle, Rapids)
eliminated that problem for me. My endo told me that
the bent needle sets are often used on children who
have little body fat. It takes the guesswork out of
troubleshooting as well - the needles are sturdier and
less likely to bend on insertion.
Good luck,

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