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[IP] insurance costs rising

The agency I work with has informed us of the increased co-pay for medicine
 and other medical devices like my insulin pump supplies and testing
 supplies. For medicine, we were told to go generic or order a three month
 supply through Merck medco. I recently received a bill from minimed for $70
 for my copay, when they used to write off the remaining amount. We have to
 pay a portion of our insurance plus pay more copays which just infuriates

 My plan is to do the section 125 plan which my employer takes out pretax
 dollars for medical supplies and health insurance but doesn't leave me too
 much out of my check during the year. Those who don't have a pre-tax plan at
 their place of employment need to encourage your employer to do so. For
 instance, I say I will spend 2000 in medical expenses and that money is
 taken out of my check throughout the year. I can take that receipt in and
 get reimbursed for medical expenses. At the end of the year I get taxed on
 2000 off my actual income.

 The high costs of insurance is being blamed on this 9/11 terrorist attack
 and the costs of prescription drugs. The pharmaceuticals can afford to take
 doctors out to lunch, pay for lunch and learns at our agency (Community
 Mental Health) somehow neglecting those who are required to use their
 products. It is important to write to legislators, insurance companies and
 drug companies. We need all the help we can get to stay ahead in these tough
 times of our country. Best wishes and I hope this war thing will be over
 soon. Sharon >>
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