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[IP] Quicksets and No Delivery Alarm

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
A while back, I posted that I had tried the QSets and my daughter had like 
them. We have used them 3 times, and 2 times have had a no delivery alarm on 
her pump and her sugars have skyrocketed to the upper 300's range. What can 
I be doing wrong? I insert with the Quikserter. I checked the cannula after 
I took it out and it didn4t look bent or anything..  Checked the tubing and 
it was fine, disconnected and primed again and insulin was flowing normally. 
Guess we will have to go back to the Sofsets. Has anybody else have a 
problem like this? I use the 6mm, maybe it4s too small?

Mom of Eileen, 13, pumping MM 508

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