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Re: [IP] being realistic....???

Please don't let diabetes run your life.  You run it, you shouls enjoy it.  I 
have a son who was diagnosed at 16 months old.  He is now five and he began 
pump therapy on Nov. 1.  I am saddened by your decisions not to accept 
invitations and be with others during this holiday season.  Yes, I know 
"some" people can really mad you mad because they are "ignorant", uneducated 
and I have found jsut concentrating on managing my son's diabetes, the best 
Ican and not worrying about what others say or think.  A few weeks ago, I was 
at my sister's home. She made a comment that made me want to stand on the 
stoll I was sitting on and telling her OFF.  My son and other children were 
going out to play and my sister told a boy to be careful around Zach, because 
he has diabetes.  I heard her and wanted to get up and take my children home. 
 I did not, I said a silent prayer asking for patience and realizing my 
sister(who by the way never even called me when my son was diagnosed and in 
the hospital)  is ignorant, meaning uneducated.  Yes, I have discussed in her 
presence our daily ritual (pricking, carb counting, lows at nights, learning 
all over again with the pump, etc) but I knew she NEVER heard a word I have 
said, she may had heard but truly didn't listen.  Do you attend a support 
group?  I have one in my home and we discuss topics like this and this helps. 
 Anyway, I have taken too much of your time.  Please do what you enjoy, go 
where you want and be yourself.  You do deserve the best and enjoy your 
precious life.  Take care. Patti
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