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[IP] recent airport experience

I just came back from my first business trip since
9/11.  You may remember I was away in Hawaii then and
flew home with supplies in my carry on and had no
questions asked.  I thought I might have a more
difficult time now that hightened security measures
have supposedly been put into place.
My departure from Newark was totally uneventful.  No
one stopped me.  I had pump supplies in my carry on
and in my purse.  No one questioned me at all.
On the way back, leaving from Dulles (VA, near DC), I
was stopped because they saw something in my carry on.
 They started to search it, and I figured I would save
the guy some time, so I took out the pouch where I
keep my supplies, pulled out a pump syringe, and asked
if that was what he was looking for.  He said NO, did
not ask what they were, did not ask for a Doctor note,
just kept looking.  Finally he found the offending
article - it was a gold metal aparatus with a rubber
end that I use to clean my gums! LOL!
I know everyone's experience is different, but on all
three of my flights since 9/11 my diabetic supplies
have not been of interest to anyone at the airports. 
I hope all of you have similar, uneventful

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