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[IP] Leanne/thanksgiving

Hi Leanne: We all hate having this disease.  I would much rather have this 
disease than a bad heart or the big C.  I said that 36 years ago when I had 3 
children under 5years.  I still would rather had the big D.
Where does it say you have to give an answer to these nosey people. I was 
told a long time ago that is someone asks you a question that you do not want 
to answer, just say "Why do you need to know?'  That statement, said 
graciously and not in anger or sarcasm really takes them back.  They do not 
need to know.  Or of course you can always say politely, "it is just none of 
your business."  When said with a kind attitude and voice, they usually back 
For what it's worth...........Jackie P
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