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[IP] Re: Being Realistic...??

In a message dated 11/22/01 7:12:48 AM Pacific Standard Time, Betsy writes:

> Leann,
> I'm sorry when anyone has to deal with this disease, but I think you need 
> to count your blessings and quit feeling sorry for yourself.  You lived 
> diabetes free for 26 years.  Many on this list did not have that "gift."  
> I, personally, am not diabetic, but I have a son, now 19, who was diagnosed 
> at age 13.  He may not feel fortunate to have lived 13 years without 
> diabetes, but I feel rather fortunate when I read postings from people here 
> who have had diabetes from the age of 18 months!

I have to agree with everything Betsy writes.  Diabetes is a terrible burden 
to live with, and I think its difficult for anyone non-DM to understand what 
you have to live with everyday.  So to cope, you have to think of your small 
blessings.  My little girl was dx just a week before she turned three.  A 
little bit of me died inside everytime I had to stick that needle into her 
that first year, with her screaming and crying and telling me to go away and 
not come near her.  Finally there didn't feel to be too much left inside and 
I suddenly felt very old. But I was thankful that it didn't develop any 
earlier--how difficult to manage a toddler who napped, or a smaller baby.  I 
shudder to think about it.   And when I feel sorry for myself, which can be 
fairly often, I count myself lucky that only one of my three children has DM 
(at least right now).  There are several mums I know from the internet with 2 
DM kids, and even though I haven't met a great number of parents of DM kids, 
I have met several with more than one child  with DM.  Another small blessing 
for me?--well she has never had a seizure or gone into a coma from a hypo.  
The worst for me is that she is really unstable, and never has stable bgs for 
more than 3 days at a time.  To have 26 years diabetes free sounds a whole 
lot better than less than 3 years. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all American friends.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7 years old
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