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[IP] A response for nosy people

Hi Leeann,
First, don't let the idiots of the world get you upset.  Just smile sweetly
and say,
"Why, don't you know that pumping is like having diabetes-a constant process
where you always have something more to learn?  As part of being a pumper, my
responsibility is to learn how all different sorts of foods and ingredients
combinations affect my blood sugar so I will learn how to handle these foods.
Pumpers are without the limitations of someone taking shots-that's why pumping
have to first learn how foods affect MY blood sugar, and any reading is for
ME, not you, to know.  Since carrots often can raise any person's blood sugar
more than cake or pie, it's my responsibility to figure out how cakes and pies
as well as carrots affect my blood sugar.  Oh yes, you do understand it's MY
blood sugar.  How's yours?  Would you like me to stick your finger and do a
test?  After all, you could be a Type 2 and never even know it.  OOOH, maybe
you should watch more carefully what YOU eat because if you are a new Type 2
you will have to watch what you eat much more closely than I since I am on an
insulin pump.  Excuse me now, I have to have some pie so I can continue to
Hubby has used something similar to this with the really nosy, don't really
know a thing about diabetes, yet think they're experts persons. It's shut them
up fast, given them a new appreciation of what pumping is all about, and even
in one case had person say, " I guess things have changed since my dad had it
30 years ago."  Yeah, an understatement.

Marj; Mike; and "Ace, the PP" (portable pancreas)
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well, it's been a year now. don't you know how to eat yet? when are you going
to learn
how to work that thing??!!" (meaning the pump) well, i have had 26 years of
eating as much cheescake as i want! i have had 26 years of not even thinking
about how many cups of green beans i eat at thanksgiving dinner! and i have
had 1 year of EVERYONE asking me what my numbers are after eating. yes, i'm
very happy they actually understand what i have to do, but the PRESSURE! if
i'm over 150 i get the "LOOK". like i went high on purpose! I"M STILL
have any of you figured all this out in a year?? am i really that slow and
dumb? does this pressure to get it all right ever go away?
sorry for ranting.....
thanks for reading...

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