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[IP] Re: Air Bubbles

I know others have commented on this already.  I noticed a problem wiht 
bubbles appearing a day or so after filling the reservoir.  I have always 
kept my insulin in the refrigerator (old habits die hard).  I called MInimed 
and they told me to take it out and let it warm before filling.  (The air 
bubles accumulate as insulin warms)  Then to inject the air into the vial 
without touching the insulin.  Rotate or roll the vial on your hand a couple 
times and then let it sit for about 10 minutes before filling.  When filling 
the reservour pull back slowly - sometimes with the pressure, it will fill 
too fast.  Watch for air bubbles that hide around the connector.  This adds 
time to a set change but since I have been doing this I have had few bubbles. 
 I check the tubing regularly for air bubbles because I have enough 
unexplained highs without adding this variable to the list!

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