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[IP] being realistic....???

In a message dated 11/21/01 12:37:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:
> i am SO not looking forward to the holidays.  i mean, i have had dreams all
> week long about getting the implantable , closed loop pump ever since i read
> that email from here.:) i will be 32 in 2005 (the soonest it could go on the
> market) and i am not patient! lol!
> here's how i feel.... i have been dx'd for one year now. last
> thanksgiving/xmas, i didn't go to any dinners , any parties, any anything
> because i knew i didn't want to have to face the food challenge in front of
> everyone. i also came down with meniere's (constant vertigo) so i had a
> socialy allowable excuse to stay away.
> this year, i have turned down 6 thanksgiving dinner invitations. my husband
> of 6 1/2 years and i will happily eat dinner at home, then take our therapy


> have any of you figured all this out in a year?? am i really that slow and
> dumb? does this pressure to get it all right ever go away?
> sorry for ranting.....
> thanks for reading...
> leann

You are not slow or dumb or you couldn't be pumping!!  It does take time to 
learn about all this stuff!
If you've only had diabetes for a year you are still adjusting to having the 
Please, don't be so hard on yourself!!
Personally, I go to my brother's for thanksgiving, I eat what I want to, 
including dessert.  I estimate how much I have eaten and bolus for that and 
do a 2 hr correction in case i was off in my estimates.  
I still don't appreciate people bugging me about what I am eating, it is hard 
for most people to understand the freedom that counting carbs and pumping 
give a diabetic person, but I refuse to let it ruin the holiday for me.
If you prefer to be with just your dh and then take your dogs to the nursing 
home(what a kewl thing to do!) that is great!!  I just hope you are doing it 
because that is what you really would enjoy the most not just to avoid 
dealing with food and other people's reactions to you dealing with the food.
It sounds like you are still dealing a lot with feelings of anger and 
resentment about having diabetes, which of course is very normal!  I still 
have my moments, it took a long time to accept and not let it overshadow 
every thing.
Did your diabetes education service include talking to a counselor trained in 
helping diabetics deal with their feelings about the disease??
Sometimes it helps.
Hope your thanksgiving is wonderful,
and btw, you have a pump, enjoy some cheese cake if you want to!!
Personally I'm going for the pumpkin pie myself.

Faith and ?? my sweet blue dtron
diabetic 20 years and happy to be here
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