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[IP] being realistic....???

    Whenever anyone sees me testing and asks "what are you?" I usually reply
that I'll let them know as soon as it is their business. (Of course if
you're low it might be their business.)
    You are right, I could go to a celebration and have two large hunks of
sub sandwhich and nobody bats an eye, but take a small piece of cake and the
look is "are you supposed to be eating that?" Guess which has more carbs??
    When I got my pump i explained to all the relatives what it was and how
it worked and that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted as long
as I bolused for it and tested along the way. My mother's reply was, "but
you really shouldn't eat sweets, should you." "No, Mom, no-one should."
After all these years (28), sweets are not a priority. A normal meal is.
Happy Thanxgiving
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