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[IP] re: Accu-chek Complete

I use the Accu-chek complete and am very happy with
it.  I can set my basal rates, grams of carbs eaten, &
bolus amounts rather than carrying around a paper and
pen log.  It has a graph feature built in to chart my
blood sugar patterns, and a trend chart to let me see
where my blood sugars fall for different times of the
day.  This feature is great when trying to figure out
basal rate adjustments.  There is software that you
can buy to download and print out all of the info for
your Dr.  My sister has one but she is not a pumper
and doesn't even use half of the functions and she is
very pleased with it as well.

Mystie & Slinky =)

>>Just read an advertisement in Diabetes Self-Care 
Management about the
Accu-chek Complete meter system.  I am curious as 
to if anyone is using
this meter and the accompanying software.  I 
understand that the software
has pump capabilities and will allow basal rates 
as well in it's graph. 
Can anyone comment on this machine????<<

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