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Re: [IP] being realistic....???

My response is for Leann who wrote:
this year, i have turned down 6 thanksgiving dinner invitations. my husband
of 6 1/2 years and i will happily eat dinner at home, then take our therapy
dogs to the nursing home. sounds perfectly reasonable, right? everyone is
wondering why i don't want to come to all of their parties. " well, it's
been a year now. don't you know how to eat yet? when are you going to learn
how to work that thing??!!" (meaning the pump) well, i have had 26 years of
eating as much cheescake as i want! i have had 26 years of not even thinking
about how many cups of green beans i eat at thanksgiving dinner! and i have
had 1 year of EVERYONE asking me what my numbers are after eating. yes, i'm
very happy they actually understand what i have to do, but the PRESSURE! if
i'm over 150 i get the "LOOK". like i went high on purpose! I"M STILL


I'm sorry when anyone has to deal with this disease, but I think you need to count your blessings and quit feeling sorry for yourself.  You lived diabetes free for 26 years.  Many on this list did not have that "gift."  I, personally, am not diabetic, but I have a son, now 19, who was diagnosed at age 13.  He may not feel fortunate to have lived 13 years without diabetes, but I feel rather fortunate when I read postings from people here who have had diabetes from the age of 18 months!

I don't want to be too harsh with you, because I know it is never easy and as for figuring it all out--about the time we think we have it, some variable changes and we start all over again.

So, get a grip, say a prayer, and do the best YOU can do.  As for others asking you your numbers--it really isn't any of their business and I'd be really tempted to tell them so!

I really do feel for everyone who has this disease and, as a parent, I wish I could take my son's diabetes and set him free from the bounds of this horrible disease.

You must realize those first 26 years were a blessing and praise God for all the advances in testing and development of new insulins that will enable people diagnosed today to live much longer lives than people diagnosed 50 or even 20 years ago.

I apologize for the length of my post.  I don't post often.  May God bless you Leann and help you to deal with this disease.

Betsy Smith
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