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[IP] The saga continues!

Well, we're finally getting somewhere!  I got a phone call yesterday from the
Diabetes Consultant at the insurance company.  She left a message on my
answering maching cause she hadn't heard anything from the endos office.  When
I called her back -- she had called the endos office and talked to him -- and
he said he would get a letter get sent in right away.  So, we are finally
getting somewhere!!

Although, the doctor's office called MM about a new pump.  I've gotten 2 calls
from MM about getting a new MM pump.  But I want the Animas!  Besides the fact
that insurance will pay better, I like a couple features on the Animas better.
The second phone call this morning from MM - the guy was really nice.  He
asked if they were to fight the insurance and get as good a deal on a MM as
the Animas if I'd change my mind -- or if the Animas had features that I
really liked.  So, I told him why I wanted the Animas -- and he said he didn't
blame me, though he hated to lose a customer to another company, but he did
understand my decision.  And if I changed my mind, be sure to give MM a call
and they would be happy to help me.

Now, the problem is the Diabetes Consultant is leaving the insurance company.
November 28 is her last day!  So, we'll see what happens when everything goes
from one person taking care of it -- to another.

Hopefully, it won't take too much longer.  The Diabetes Consultant also told
me this morning, even though she had not gotten the letter from the endo yet -
she knows it's coming - so when the physicians got together this afternoon -
she was going to go ahead and talk to them and see if she could get things

FINALLY!!  Something is being done!

Sorry this has been long!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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