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[IP] Re: Range of BS

I'm using an Accuchek Complete Meter at the moment, but it doesn't matter
which meter I use (I've had 3 different brands). My A1cs are ALWAYS
significantly lower than my BG readings. This is not because of anything I do
-- it's a physiological characteristic of ME.

My highest A1c EVER was 7.1 -- at which time I was so symptomatic I couldn't
teach a 55 minute class without crossing my legs HARD, and couldn't say 2
sentences without a sip of water. Not to speak of the fact that I was eating
like a pig and not gaining weight.

So for ME, the A1c goal range is 4.0 - 5.0, BUT this does not apply to ANYONE
else -- I'm just taking my own unique physiology into account.

Statistics are great, but I'm an individual, and I don't fall into the usual
range, and so I take that into account myself -- doctors don't realize such

Don't call myself Type Weird for nuthin' ya know!

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Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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Can YOU find the ugly duckling?
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  I noticed your comment about your BS goal range on the pumpers page.  What
are your A1C's when you shoot for the goals you mentioned?  I have trouble
getting mine in the 6's and my usual avg. is about 140 or so on the Ultra
meter.  What meter do you use?
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