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Re: [IP] what range do you all shoot for??

>From: Linda Kelly <email @ redacted>

  what range others shoot for, Don't think Docs need say anything with
  an A1c of 4.6!  Linda K

My Dr.'s (Inter. Med. PCP and Endo.) both said my hgA1C of 4.8, then went up 
to 5.2 was WAY TOO LOW!  They asked me to "lighten up" on control because of 
chronic hypo's.  Now it is 5.8 and they would like it to be higher (in the 
6.0 range).  That was the first time I've heard that!  Anyway, I feel better 
and have less lows when I don't correct for anything <150.  My goal was to 
always shoot for 100, but I'm learning to aim a little higher.


Happy Turkey day everyone!

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