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Reply: [IP] dual/square bolus- a survey of sorts

 Julie wrote:                                                                 
                                      How many of you use the dual or square 
wave bolus feature?  How often do you
> use it- for every meal, or only with certain foods?  Which foods?  How do
> you determine how much to stretch out and what time period?

I have never used the square bolus, my cde tells me that is for use at like 
wedding buffets/banquets. I use the dual anytime i have more then i fat at a 
time or a strachy food like fritos. Pizza is a good example i figure 100 
carbs for the pizza. my carb ratio for dinner is 1 to 25, so when i do the 
dual program it lets me do a bolus of 5 for the pizza i am eating and then i 
do a square of 1.3 over like 6hrs since i tend to go high later after eating 
pizza. you take the amount of your bolus and times that by 25%, that is how i 
came up with 1.3 over 6hrs. everyone is different. its trial and error some 
people may need less or more. You will learn as you go. I also do a dual like 
for chinese food using the same method. good luck! Eileen hope i explained 
that right!
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