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[IP] Clara Barton Camp

I was diagnosed at age two and have had Diabetes for 
46 years. I 
>Joslin Clinic in Boston through out my childhood and
was a camper and 
later a 
>counselor at Clara Barton Birthplace Camp for
Diabetic girls. 

Hello fellow camper!
I was also a camper at CBC for what seems now like
MANY years, mostly 
in the late 1970s and 1980s.  I still remember camp
really well -- the lab where we would have to line up
to test urine 
(later blood), the meal cards on the tables, the
kits that went along on every field trip and activity,
those awful 
cumulative urine tests (not really sure what those
were for
anyway!!), the talent shows and dances with the Joslin
camp,  the 
Did anybody else on the list go to CBC?  Remember any
of those 
campsongs?  I still find myself singing or humming
occasionally, then find myself wondering "now where
did THAT come 

Welcome to the list, Laurie!
Thanks Brinsley. I think they just wanted to see how
we would react to standing in line with big jars of
urine (some bizarre test thing :-)!) Actually, I
remeber asking and they were trying to compare out put
with blood sugars or something like that. The songs
pop in my head at weird times too, of course I was
there about 10 years before you. Wonder if they are
the same songs and if they are still singing them. 

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