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[IP] Re: weight gain on pump

A few thoughts on the subject:
Insulin is a storage and growth hormone.
When BG runs higher than normal, you are not using the food
you eat. Basically, the loss of that food and source of
energy and growth leads to weight loss. You try to
compensate by taking in more calories, so can consume a lot
of food, while not using all of it, in the early stages of
diagnosis.  If BG and urine have too much glucose, that is
where the food is.

 If your insulin regimen doesn't meet your needs, then you
might still be consuming more food. You can be hungry while
eating a lot since you are starving at the cellular level:
"starvation in the midst of plenty".
With such long-term eating habits developing, is it any
wonder why someone might start to gain weight when the
insulin matches the food intake?  When that happens, you can
become just like those who do not have diabetes. all the
food you eat gets used for immediate energy needs, or stored
in the liver for later, when you are between meals.   It is
a matter of paying attention to the calories you are
consuming or burning. Aren't we all supposed to do that,
diabetes or not? (Still, easier said than done!)

There is also the new freedom to eat new foods, "forbidden"
foods, or more food, and cover it all with just the right
amount of insulin and have BG in target range.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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