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Re: [IP] All right! I've had it!!

JTell them to get stuffed.


>From: "Debra Graves" <email @ redacted>
>Reply-To: email @ redacted
>To: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] All right! I've had it!!
>Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 12:56:42 -0600
>As most of you have probably seen -- the sound went out on my pump
>night. No, I don't use the audio bolus -- but what if some alarm goes
off? I
>won't know it!!
>I spent all day yesterday and all morning this morning on the phone.
>been checking into a new pump anyway -- since mine is out of warranty.
>can't help unless I pay the $495 out of warranty fee so they can send me
>loaner -- and the $500 refurbishing fee to get it fixed.
>I had gone to the Endocrinologist last Tuesday to see about getting a
>of medical necessity -- since insurance won't take one from the GP.
Before he
>wrote a letter for the insurance company! to spend that much money -- he
>me to see the diabetes educator - who would help me figure out if I
>needed a new pump.
>Sunday night -- the sound went out! So, first thing yesterday morning --
>called the new endos office. When I talked to them later -- they told me
>call the pump manufacturer. I had done that Sunday evening when the
>first died! They told me that since my pump was out of warranty they
>do anything.
>So I was finally told to call the Diabetes Educator -- who finally,
>spending 10 minutes on the phone explaining the problem -- agreed that,
if the
>insurance would accept a letter from a Nurse Practitioner/Diabetes
Educator --
>she would send a letter yesterday afternoon. Insurance said to go ahead
>have her sned that to get things started -- then they could get one from
>endo at a later date. So I called a! nd left a message on her voice mail
- -and
>she never called back! I finally got ahold of her this morning and she
>she is just so jam packed with patients she's not sure when she can the
>written - but she'll try to get it sent in before the end of the week!
>thanks! What a help!!
>The endo is out sick -- and who knows when he'll get back -- so they
can't get
>a letter from him.
>Now what? Anybody have any suggestions? You can e-mail me privately if
>Thanks for understanding guys! I'm really starting to think the endo and
>Diabetes Educator don't understand how important my pump is to me!! (The
>even suggested I go back to MDI!!)
>Deb in Southern Illinois
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