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[IP] cold/warm humalog

>>It shouldnt be a problem if you are taking the vial to fill a
However if you are putting it into a Dtron, the vial will stick if its
cold. (the pump could give you an alarm
because it is having trouble pushing the plunger)
Lily is going to silicone coat their vials next year.
That will solve this. Otherwise you should be ok, ask your doc, we have
not had any issues.??

Dave G.<<

I disagree, cold insulin will product more bubbles in a resevoir type
delivery system than warm. My endo's recommendations were to take the
insulin out abour 30 min before filling resevoir. I do so and I have had
hardly any problems with bubbles, potency, crystallization or insulin
degradation. (using a MM 508).

Amy Anderson
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