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[IP] Re: Cold/warm Humalog

My understanding is that cold insulin is more painful to inject and thats why 
most people use it at room temperature.  I have met some parents who always 
keep it in the fridge.  Apparently room temperature insulin will form less 
bubbles when you fill the cartridge/reservoir in your pump, than cold.  
Though I always get bubbles lately anyhow, even with it at room temperature 
for 8 hours or so.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 7

> <<Hi,  does it matter if the humalog is cold or warm? i keep the vial in 
> fridge 
> until i am ready to use it. i try to take it out a few days ahead and i 
> leave 
> it out of fridge until i use it all of course. but one time i forgot to 
> take 
> the vial out, so i  used a cold vial of humalog to do my change out. i did 
> not have any problems, but could i have? before i was on the pump i used 
> cold 
> humalog and ultra? thanks alot Eileen>>
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