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[IP] Re: Bubbles in Reservoir

Hi Julie,
       My Claire uses the H-tron with glass cartridges.  For the first few 
months we never had air bubbles.  But now they always appear by the second 
day.  Must be a tiny leak where air can get in through the rubber stopper. 
Don't know what I changed when filling them.   Claire solves this problem by 
wearing the pump upside down, which is easy to do with the Disetronic clip 
which swivels 360 degrees.  
       Yes, watch that a large bubble doesn't enter your tubing undetected.  
Probably checking once a day is enough if you use the long length tubing, 
unless you use very large amounts of insulin.  When a bubble gets close 
enough to the end, just disconnect and prime it out.  It has to be pretty 
big--the tubing is very narrow, I think one unit is about one inch of tubing. 

Good luck,
Barbara, mum of Claire 7

Julie writes:

> Does anyone check for air in the infusion set? Does it matter? Would hate to 
> bolus for a meal and have it not push insulin through, but air instead. I 
> swear, there is absolutely NO air in reservoir when I fill it.
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