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[IP] International Travel

On November 20, 2001, Jim Handsfield wrote:

When did you last travel in the U.S.?  IIRC, it is now necessary to carry a
vial of insulin with the prescription
on it in order to pass through security checks with a pump, syringes (which
we should have for backup in any case) or other diabetes supplies such as
meter, etc.
I flew on Sunday from Las Vegas to Canada.    My pump did not set off the
security in the airport at Las Vegas when I walked through the doorway, but it
did set it off when I was searched with one of those hand-held wand detectors.
I told the security person it was an insulin pump and she let me go.  I wasn't
asked to show any prescription labels, etc , but I was ready in case I was
asked.    You need to make sure you comply with  the regulations of each
country that you travel through (in my case, the US and Canada) as they are
different..  In Canadian airports, you need a doctor's letter (which I had but
wasn't asked to show).  There is a good form of letter to use on Minimed's
website.   It's a good idea to read the actual regulations to ensure you are
in compliance.  In the US, these are posted on the American Diabetes
Association website at  http://www.diabetes.org.   It's also a good idea to
consult with your individual air carrier.

Beth Gearing
MM 508 since April, 2001
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