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[IP] All right! I've had it!!

As most of you have probably seen -- the sound went out on my pump Sunday
night.  No, I don't use the audio bolus -- but what if some alarm goes off?  I
won't know it!!

I spent all day yesterday and all morning this morning on the phone.  I've
been checking into a new pump anyway -- since mine is out of warranty.  MM
can't help unless I pay the $495 out of warranty fee so they can send me a
loaner -- and the $500 refurbishing fee to get it fixed.

I had gone to the Endocrinologist last Tuesday to see about getting a letter
of medical necessity -- since insurance won't take one from the GP.  Before he
wrote a letter for the insurance company to spend that much money -- he wanted
me to see the diabetes educator - who would help me figure out if I really
needed a new pump.

Sunday night -- the sound went out!  So, first thing yesterday morning -- I
called the new endos office.  When I talked to them later -- they told me to
call the pump manufacturer.  I had done that Sunday evening when the sound
first died!  They told me that since my pump was out of warranty they couldn't
do anything.

So I was finally told to call the Diabetes Educator -- who finally, after
spending 10 minutes on the phone explaining the problem -- agreed that, if the
insurance would accept a letter from a Nurse Practitioner/Diabetes Educator --
she would send a letter yesterday afternoon.  Insurance said to go ahead and
have her sned that to get things started -- then they could get one from the
endo at a later date.  So I called and left a message on her voice mail - -and
she never called back!  I finally got ahold of her this morning and she said
she is just so jam packed with patients she's not sure when she can the letter
written - but she'll try to get it sent in before the end of the week!  Gee
thanks!  What a help!!

The endo is out sick -- and who knows when he'll get back -- so they can't get
a letter from him.

Now what?  Anybody have any suggestions?  You can e-mail me privately if you'd

Thanks for understanding guys!  I'm really starting to think the endo and the
Diabetes Educator don't understand how important my pump is to me!!  (The DE
even suggested I go back to MDI!!)

Deb in Southern Illinois
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