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Re: [IP] Doctor's letter

<< My brother in law works for the FAA  and controls boson (logan Airport) and a couple of smaller ones they are back up for!  But anyway they said that you 
need the letter and the original bottle or box that has the labels on it.  They may even ask for ID to prove it is yours.>>

Well, that's encouraging ( ;-) ) that the ADA was told something different by the FAA than the FAA employees were told!  I always thought the letter was kind of dumb because it would be so easy to fake, but guess it doesn't hurt to have both.

Just as an FYI, though, I never have mentioned my pump in the several times I've traveled since 9/11 and it never sets off metal detectors.  They see the syringes, etc., in my carry-on when they x-ray but I've never been stopped.

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